2017 Livery Review | Toro Rosso

I didn’t think anything could top the Renault livery, but Toro Rosso blew everyone away with this stunning new paint job, and in my opinion, it’s the best livery on the grid.

The Toro Rosso STR12, a huge billboard for Red Bull Simply Cola!

In reality, the new Toro Rosso is just a huge marketing campaign for Red Bull and their Simply Cola brand of drink. The silver logo, metallic blue and red are the same colours as you see on the cans, but it’s the decision to be different which is what is so striking about the livery.

For the last 11 years, Toro Rosso have had largely the same livery. Hand painted bull on the back, gold instead of yellow, and dark blue paint. They certainly built up an identity, but it was too closely resembling of the big brother team, so this is a fresh start.

Metallic blue base, silver logos and red highlights = a beautiful livery.

This new car is yet another example of why Red Bull’s marketing team is the best in the business. On both the Red Bull and Toro Rosso cars, neither of them actually feature the original Red Bull logo. On the Red Bull, it doesn’t have the white outlines, and on the Toro Rosso it’s just silver, and the usual yellow circle is replaced with a single silver circle.

Red Bull can afford to go away from their original logo because they’ve built up such a huge brand and it’s instantly recognisable. It also makes huge sense for Red Bull to market another one of their products on the Toro Rosso. I’m surprised it’s taken them 12 seasons to do this to be frank.

The new cars look fast even when standing still due to the wider track and fatter tyres.

In terms of the chassis and car design, it’s very close to the Mercedes due to the sleek nose, which I assume can only be a good thing if you’re doing the same things as the world champions! The rear of the car looks amazing too. Fat tyres and a wider track have made the cars look aggressive even when they’re standing still.

In terms of sponsorship, the team has lost Sapinda as a key partner, but has gained Acronis, visible at the rear of the side of the car. Over the last couple of years Toro Rosso has also lost Nova Chemicals and Cepsa as key sponsors which is a shame, particularly Cepsa as I always liked their logo on the wings of the car. But they have so much money from Red Bull anyway it’s not a huge problem for them.

Some sponsors have gone, some have arrived.

One final thought is the brand continuity of the drivers compared to the car. The fact the overalls remain similar to last year (dark blue, regular Red Bull logo) and are so different to the new car suggests to me that the livery may have been quite a recent decision. I could be totally wrong, but I’m surprised they don’t correlate. It would’ve been cool to see the overalls also in the silver and red colours.

Also, the drivers’ helmets feature the matt blue paint as seen on the Red Bull car. Again, I would’ve expected metallic blue and silver, but this may change as the season progresses, should the FIA allow it!

I’d prefer the overalls to closer resemble the new car livery, but perhaps this will change.

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