2017 Livery Review | Red Bull

Red Bull have perhaps been the most consistent in terms of livery differences to 2016, with a definite evolution rather than revolution. And why would they revolutionise when the matt livery worked so brilliantly in the first place.

Evolution rather than revolution for the Red Bull RB13.

Clearly, Red Bull are establishing a brand identity with the matt colour scheme. The lack of white outlines on the logos is a key feature of the car, and no other Red Bull branded team or event has this look, as far as I’m aware.

This look has also been transferred this year to the team gear and overalls, as I explained in this article I wrote recently. It’s also on the driver’s crash helmets too. It’s good to see this appearing throughout the Red Bull team.

The sail on the Red Bull doesn’t feature the bull’s tail, unlike on the Toro Rosso.

Consistency is key when creating a memorable brand image. Red Bull have got it nailed with the classic logo, matt paint and bright red logos. Red Bull’s marketing squad are true pro’s, and you can tell.

The front wing doesn’t even have all of the Red Bull text included, with part of it seamlessly disappearing as the wing elements end, because they have such a strong message in the first place. Everything about the Red Bull brand on this car is so well thought out.

Aerodynamic innovation at its best with this mad hole in the front nose.

Aerodynamically, the front nose is without a doubt the most interesting part with this interesting black hole for air to flow through. For the last 3 years, Red Bull have painted the ugly front noses black to try and camouflage the design, and the yellow of the logo starts later on.

Citrix, Esso and Mobil 1 are the key new sponsors on the car. Aston Martin has a larger presence towards the rear of the car, and Total has obviously disappeared, due to the new Mobil 1 and Esso partnership.

The matt livery is so smart, it works beautifully.

The car looks good, but will it be able to beat the mighty Mercedes? Only time will tell.


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