2017 Livery Review | Haas

After a conservative livery in their first season of Formula 1 last year, the Haas F1 Team have had a slight mix up of their design ahead of their second campaign. Light grey has gone, and in comes a new more aggressive dark grey, along with a cool coloured shark fin.

Dark grey replaces light grey as the base colour for the 2017 Haas.

It’s refreshing to see a proper shark fin after quite a few ‘sail’ designs by other teams. Haas’ shark fin doesn’t naturally evolve from the livery, but at least they have put some effort in to its design, unlike teams such as Sauber and Force India for example.

In fact, the Haas shark fin very closely resembles the livery that Audi used on their R18 LMP1 car last year in the World Endurance Championship, and the entire colour scheme of the Haas is very similar to the Audi.

The shark fin design is very similar to the 2016 Audi R18 LMP1 car.

Elsewhere on the car there’s not much new in terms of sponsorship or design. The main change is the new dark grey. Windshear is a new sponsor, clear to see on the front wing endplates. Richard Mille remain as a sponsor, and Jack Jones also join as a personal sponsor of Kevin Magnussen. You can’t see their logo on the car, but it is on Magnussen’s overalls.

It’s a shame to see such a lack of sponsors on the Haas. The entire side of the car is barren, and Haas Automation themselves are the main sponsor. I hope to see more as the season progresses, and with success tends to come more sponsorship.

The front wing looks incredibly similar to what Ferrari used last year, no surprises there.

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