2017 Livery Review | Williams

Williams did in fact digitally reveal their car last week, but I wanted to hold off reviewing it until the official launch today, just in case there were any particular differences. And I was right in doing so as there are a couple, as I shall explain!

Williams has new JCB sponsorship for 2017, and the car features a ‘sail’.

The additions since the digital reveal have been a sail / shark fin, and new JCB sponsorship. I can’t wait to see the jokes about the car being a tractor if it doesn’t turn out to be particularly quick…

And unfortunately, I’m not massively hopeful in terms of the aerodynamics. Compared to what we’ve seen from Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren, the car looks incredibly basic. The sidepods for example, very simple and much like 2016, whereas the Mercedes is very intricate.

A simple livery, with the Martini stripes enlarging towards the rear of the car.

In terms of the livery, there’s not much to talk about in terms of it evolving from last year as it’s pretty much the same as before. The only main difference is the new JCB logos as I mentioned, and the Martini stripes enlarging as they reach the tip of the sail.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing though. Having a simple livery like this works really well and I’ve always liked it since the day it was introduced back at the start of 2014. Keeping things consistent is good for brand reinforcement too, and Williams are certainly doing that.


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