2017 Livery Review | McLaren

By far the biggest change in terms of livery from 2016 to 2017 is McLaren, who by popular demand have gone back to their roots with a new beautiful orange and black design.

McLaren have been teasing orange for weeks, and they finally delivered!

Under Ron Dennis, the team had felt corporate and there wasn’t the connection with what the fans wanted. Dennis didn’t seem to appreciate the history of the original Bruce McLaren days. With Zak Brown now in charge, the team has a new fresh look and it’s working wonders in my opinion.

Red has appeared on every McLaren since the 1970s in some form or another, but it’s now no where to be seen. Black is now certainly a part of the McLaren identity, and the balance of orange and black is really successful.

Red is no more. It’s all about black and orange now for the Zak Brown led McLaren.

The front wing is half orange and half black, but the front nose is purely orange, which then changes to a mix of orange and black as we get to the cockpit area. The logos on the car are all white. This obviously works well on the black backgrounds, but I’m not so sure about on the orange. I think black may work slightly better, so I’d be interested to see a photoshop of this.

Talking of sponsors, there’s a few new ones and a few that have disappeared. NTT Communications, NRF and Castrol are in. Mobil 1, Esso, Segafredo and KPMG are out. Losing Mobil 1 to Red Bull has been a huge loss for the team, as they had been partners for over 30 years. Castrol are new to F1, so they will certainly have some catching up to do.

Beautiful from every angle. McLaren really did listen to what the fans wanted.

CNN’s logo has been transferred from the front wing endplate to the roll hoop, and Johnnie Walker now appears on the turning vanes, after not actually being featured on the car last year (only the crash helmets). Chandon has been moved from the leg area of the car to the rear wing. The front wing remains sponsor-less.

And what a front wing, just look at the 4 supports that attach the nose to the wing, truly ground breaking stuff from McLaren. I really hope this can be the car to finally bring the team back up to where they belong, at the front of the grid. It’s so refreshing to see a bright colour on the grid, and lets hope it’s featured a lot on the TV!

Superb looking aerodynamics on the front wing, bit will it be quick?

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