2017 Livery Review | Ferrari

Ferrari took the covers off the SF70H for the first time today, and what a cracking design they’ve come up with. There’s so much to talk about in terms of the chassis and livery.

The new Ferrari SF70H in action at Fiorano, and it looks stunning.

Firstly the shark fin, or as many in the F1 world are calling some of them, the ‘sail’. This is because shark fins usually swoop back in and have a sharp point, but the Ferrari does not, and neither does the Force India. It’s more vertical.

Ferrari’s ‘sail’ isn’t connected to the engine cover in terms of its design, as it’s white with an Italian flag painted on it. I personally would have preferred the red to carry on and have the flag against a red background instead, much like the 2010 car.

Ferrari have also opted, like Mercedes, for a T-wing.

Like the Mercedes, Ferrari have opted for a ‘T-wing’, but theirs is mounted to the top of the sail, whereas the Mercedes stands on its own. As Ferrari have unveiled a T-wing, I expect Red Bull will try something similar at some point. We’ll find out on Sunday when they reveal their car.

The livery is much more elegant than last year, with red taking over once again. It’s just gorgeous, and the tone of red is so good, they’ve really got it nailed. The turning vanes on 2017 cars are huge, and this allows for some more sponsorship opportunities, with Santander’s icon taking centre stage.

Look at those air intakes, I’ve never seen a design quite like it!

One small difference are the sides of the rear wing, which are now white instead of red. I’m not sure why this change has been made, but it looks quite good. In terms of sponsorship, Claro and Telcel are no longer on the car (due to Esteban Gutierrez’s departure as a linked driver).

Ray Ban have a much larger presence now though, on the front of the head rests and also on the sidepods. The Alfa Romeo logo has also been changed at the rear of the engine cover. With the white taking a back seat on the car, the drivers’ overalls also represent this change, with red taking centre stage once again.

Sebastian Vettel’s overalls are more predominantly red than last year.

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