2017 Livery Review | Mercedes

Everyone was waiting to see what the reigning champions made of the 2017 regulations, and today they showed their new creation, the W08, off to the world in a reveal at Silverstone.

A classy livery, and interestingly without a shark fin at the reveal.

In what was an unconventional launch, the world first saw the Mercedes when it emerged from the pit garage onto the track on the brand new wet Pirelli’s. The reason for this was due to Storm Doris which hit in the UK, so they wanted to get their installation laps done before the wind hit harder. Silverstone is a windy place on a regular day, but with the storm, it could have been lethal!

New bright lines can be seen on the front wing and sides of the car, by the Petronas logos.

The chassis design is so elegant, and the aerodynamics look great on the front wing and around the turning vanes area. Interestingly, the car didn’t run with a shark fin (I assume Mercedes will test it at some point however), but there is a new device I’ve never seen before, which I’m going to call the ‘T-wing’ for now.

You can see it just before the rear wing, and I gather this is there because there is a 50mm lull in the regulations between the end of the engine cover is and the start of the rear wing, so the teams are relatively free to do what they like. Mercedes are the first team to recognise this, so it’ll be interesting to see if any other teams have a similar idea.

Notice the ‘T-wing’ at the rear of the car, just before the rear wing.

In terms of the livery, it remains largely the same to last year, but the main difference is the addition of new bright streaks of aqua paint around the Petronas logo. This is also on the front wing. I love this, it’s such a small detail, but it adds something extra to the car.

Black sides to the front and rear wings remain, and look classy as ever. In terms of sponsorship, there’s no real differences from last year with no new logos being introduced. I’m surprised not to see Wihuri making an appearance as that is a personal sponsor of Valtteri Bottas. Perhaps that’ll come at a later date.

I love the new wide tyres and wide cars, they look fast!

One thing I’d like to see on the car is the Monster Energy logo. It’s clearly visible on the crash helmets of both drivers, but it’s not on the car. I reckon it’d look good on the sides of the front wing. Again, maybe one day!


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