2017 Livery Review | Force India

I am totally underwhelmed by today’s launch of the Force India VJM10. After the brilliant launches of the Sauber and Renault over the last couple of days, I’m somewhat disappointed by the new Force India.

The new livery is average, and a step down from their 2016 design.

Firstly there is the issue of the design of the chassis itself, which isn’t as elegant as the two cars we have seen before. We’ve got the terrible step at the top of the nose, and the terrible ‘penis nose’ at the front. I thought the days of the step noses were over, but clearly not. I hope this can be rectified through the season, from a visual standpoint.

Step noses and penis noses, I thought the days of those had passed!

Secondly there is the shark fin, which rather than having a point at the end and an elegant swoop downwards, is just a wall of silver. The shark fin should always be an extension of the livery in my view. Renault did this brilliantly, but Force India haven’t tried at all. I can only imagine this is because they don’t intend to run the fin at all the races, so they need to place their sponsors on the main engine cover.

The shark fin is a bland slab of silver wall, and has no effort whatsoever.

In terms of the livery itself, I think it’s a step backwards from last year. I don’t think the silver works at all, and they should just keep the black all over. Particularly with the orange highlights too, they’d stand out more on black. There’s hardly any green either, just on the turning vanes, so they’re hardly featured at all.

The rear wing in all black is good, and I love the new slanted sides of the wing, they just make the car look more edgy, and this is a feature on all the cars of 2017. Johnnie Walker sponsorship is also featured heavily on the front side of the rear wing.

The rear wing is an improvement, and the slanted nature makes it look aggressive.

We also got a first glimpse of the new overalls and crash helmets of the drivers. There certainly won’t be any issues telling Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon apart, with fluorescent yellow and red helmets respectively.

The overalls also now include much more Johnnie Walker branding, and I wonder if we’ll continue to see an escalated presence of the alcohol brand throughout the years. They’ve made the switch from McLaren to Force India for this year, a really interesting move.

Johnnie Walker branding makes a welcome appearance on the drivers’ overalls and helmets.

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