2017 Livery Review | Renault

After the reveal of the first new car yesterday, Renault were the next team to unveil their new challenger, and what a treat we got. Even though we still have another 8 cars to see, I highly doubt any of them will come close to beating this livery.

Renault’s new livery is a huge improvement on their 2016 effort.

It’s very rare I think this, but there is hardly anything on this livery that I do not like. After the predominantly yellow last year, this time the car is split equally in yellow and black, and I think this is a very good development.

Keeping black wings is definitely a good thing, and I like the fact that the entire front wing is sponsor-less. It means we can appreciate the beautiful detail of the wing. Castrol is a new addition to the car this year, replacing Total, and their logo is nicely placed on the sides of the front and rear wings, as well as to the rear of the engine cover.

Blank front wings are definitely a good thing, and contrast brilliantly with the yellow nose.

The entire front nose is yellow and remains so up to the start of the cockpit. From there the lines continue to the back, around the now black areas of the rear. The mirrors remain yellow, and the rear wing is also yellow at the top but black on the bottom.

The more I look at this car, the more beauty I find within it. The bargeboards for example, the curved nature of them is unlike anything I’ve seen in F1 before, and the fact they are yellow makes it stand out from the black behind it.

This car just screams ‘fast’, let’s hope it’s like that on the track as well.

In a time where more cars are losing sponsorship, it’s encouraging to see the Renault with more sponsors. Mapfre is another new addition for this year, and BP Ultimate also makes an appearance on the side of the head rests.

The French flag can also now be seen just below the airbox. A smart new addition. One of the final things I want to mention is the shark fin. When Sauber unveiled their car yesterday I was left slightly disappointed by their shark fin, which was just painted black. Renault have done a great job with their one, featuring a simple yellow stripe at the top, and a couple of simple R.S. and GENII logos. It seamlessly integrates with the engine cover as well.

The shark fin on the RS17 is beautifully designed.

I love this car. I can’t wait to see it on the track when testing gets underway next week, because I think it will look even better in anger!


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