Red Bull Racing’s 2017 Teamwear

It’s always around this time of year when the Formula 1 teams start to release their new team wear for the upcoming season, and that always means there are predictions for the new liveries, usually released a couple of weeks later.


Red Bull are one of the first teams to unveil their new kit for 2017, and it’s certainly a big improvement on their 2016 effort in my view. Below is a comparison of their 2016 and 2017 soft shell jackets. Most noticeably, the shade of blue is now darker and it more closely represents the matte blue on the car.

From this I can assume the team will be sticking with the matte livery, and I hope that Red Bull are intending on keeping this for quite a few years as it will help to establish a distinct style. Another feature of the matte livery is the lack of white outlines on the Red Bull logo and symbol. These lines actually remained on the teamwear last year, but this has now been rectified for this year.


The busy camouflage bull design from the sleeves is also no more, and it’s been moved to the rib cage area, but just on the sides. Again, I think this looks much smarter, and I prefer the more abstract design this year. There’s also these interesting red lines on the sides, which you can see in the image above and also in all the examples in the image below.

Thanks to the new partnership with Esso and Mobil 1, their branding is heavily featured on the new kit, especially so on the back of all the team wear where the Mobil 1 logo is the same size as the Red Bull text. I expect we’ll see the Mobil 1 and Esso logos taking the places of where Total used to sit.


Finally, I spotted this ultra cool snapback on the Red Bull shop. I believe this is from last year but I never saw it worn by any of the drivers last year. I love the camouflage design, and the balance of blue, aqua and red is so well balanced, I am a big fan of this style. I don’t really rock a snapback, but even I might have to get one of these!


You can take a look at the new 2017 Red Bull teamwear in more detail by clicking here.


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