Welcome to VISCOMF1

Everywhere you look in Formula 1 there are examples of incredible graphic design and visual communication, much of which goes unnoticed, such is the fast paced nature of motorsport.

As a graphic design student and life long fanatic of Formula 1, I’ve decided to start writing about the beautiful design that goes into making the epic F1 show. I hope I can share my passion for design with as many people as possible, and I hope I can give a glimpse into a new and largely unexplored avenue of Formula 1.

I’ve written about the sport for a while now, but with hundreds of blogs and pages doing the same thing, it’s hard to have your voice heard in the internet world. With VISCOMF1, I hope to give people something totally different.

This blog isn’t going to look at the racing and results, it’s going to explore so much more, such as advertising, sponsorship strategies, social media, TV coverage, liveries, and more.

Please support the blog by following it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all under the username of @viscomf1.

Thank you.


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